Flat and Beryllium Copper Washers

Copper washers from JTD Stamping are produced for strength and resistance to corrosion.  They are intended for fixtures that require durability and versatility.  Made to accommodate varied nut and bolt sizes, copper washers are kept consistently in stock to save our customers cost and time.  Like all of our products, copper washers are stamped with great care and attention to detail.  Washers can also be produced in other materials, such as 316 stainless or beryllium copper.
Beryllium Copper Washers

Beryllium copper washers are made from an alloy containing beryllium, a durable metal. Nonmagnetic, corrosion-resistant, and efficient conductors of heat and electricity, beryllium copper washers are able to perform varied tasks.  These washers are among the more commonly used due to their utility and remain a consistently stocked item in our inventory along with our flat fiber washers, and ferrous precision stampings and metal spacers.  Contact us and view our catalog to learn more about the products we confidently offer.

Flat Copper Washers

Flat copper washers are made from strong, versatile copper.  These washers provide endurance, resistance to corrosion and surfacing crushing, making them suitable for wooden structures.  Flat copper washers are available in a range of diameters and thicknesses to accommodate many nut and bolt sizes.