Flat and Custom Fiber Washers

Fiber washers are made with fiber rather than the washer metals we offer at JTD Stamping such as aluminum, beryllium, or copper.  Fiber washers are advantageous in their composition and endure more ware over long periods of time.  Due to their fiber content, these washers are compression resistant and maintain proper spacing between materials.

These washers are enduring and versatile like our Belville washers, flat aluminum washers and all of our non ferrous precision stampings.  View our catalog to learn more about the products in our consistently stocked inventory.

Custom Fiber Washers

Made to your specifications, custom fiber washers are supplied for jobs that require enduring and versatile components.  Just as we produce our copper, steel and aluminum washers, custom fiber washers are created with expertise and precision.  Contact us for fiber washers created to your custom specifications.

Flat Fiber Washers

Available in a variety of diameters and thicknesses, flat fiber washers are made with the same expertise that produces all of our products.  Flat fiber washers are resistant to compression and provide proper spacing between materials over longer periods of time.  For all these reasons and more, fiber washers are a considerable value and remain an essential product in our supply.