Inner and Outter Metal Spacers 


Metal spacers are designed to work as a pair of components, consisting of inner race and outer race metal spacers that allow for accessible installation.  At JTD Stamping, our metal spacers are precision stamped from tough alloy, and are available in a variety of thicknesses and diameters to ensure the durability and versatility our customers have come to expect.  As an important industry component, JTD Stamping operates all facets of our metal spacers’ production.  View our catalog to see the products we maintain in constant supply.  Along with metal spacers, we also have high carbon steel washers, fender washers, and 410 stainless steel Belleville washers for your installation.

Inner Race Spacers

Inner race metal spacers accompany outer race spacers to create a combination that allows for ease of use and removal, decreasing production time.  Inner race spacers are available in numerous diameters and thicknesses to assure a proper fit.  Like all of our products, inner race spacers and their outer components are made from tough alloy for assured durability and quality installation.

Outer Race Spacers

For improved production time, outer race spacers work with inner race spacers to provide easy accessibility and removal.  Made from tough alloy through a percision stamping process, like their inner counterpart, outer race spacers are a durable product used for precision installation.  Our metal spacers are available in various thicknesses and diameters.