JTD Stamping has the machinery and expertise to offer precision stamping with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Precision stamping enable us to provide precision washers of consistent quality and in a variety of options.  Our precision stamping produce flat and formed washer products to your specification.  The operation is preformed “in-house” and under expert procedure. Stamping produces quality washers, such as our flat copper washers, one wave washers and metric washers for our international clients.  View our catalog for all of our precision stamped products.  Let us handle all your engineering/design, tooling, production, heat treating and plating needs.

Ferrous Stampings

Our ferrous precision stampings allow us to offer our customers superior quality in our products.  Through ferrous precision stamping procedures, JTD Stamping creates washer products that keep our inventory consistent and our customers satisfied.  Contact us to learn more about how our precision stampings are produced to your every specification.

Non Ferrous Stampings

Our non ferrous precision stampings involve the stamping and forming of non-iron materials such as copper, brass, Teflon, fiber, and aluminum.  Whether our customers require washers made for durability, flexibility, corrosion resistance or custom fitting, non ferrous precision stampings by JTD.