One and Three Wave Spring Washers

Wave spring washers are named for their curved design which allows them to provide a spring effect, similar to Belville washers.  Meant for shock absorption and particular deflection requirements, wave spring washers are available in range of metals such as spring steel, stainless steel, beryllium copper, phenolic and spring temper stainless steel.  View our catalog and select the wave spring washer best suited your next project.

One Wave Washers

One wave washers are intended for use in thrust loading for small deflections in a tight space.  By providing pressure between surfaces, one wave washers prevent rattling and control friction, saving time and risk of future repairs.  Just as we produce and stock our flat washers, our wave washers are available in a variety of materials, thicknesses and diameters to fit the task at hand.

Three Wave Washers

Three wave washers have a smaller deflection range but provide greater load bearing capacity.  These washers are ideal in limited axial spaces and deflection ranges.  In tight areas that require precision, three wave washers fit the job better than any other.  Contact us to find the right washer for your needs and learn more about our outer race spacers and 316 stainless washers.