Have You Considered Plastic Washers?

For a cost-effective, efficient answer to your washer requirements, it may well be timely to take another look at plastic washers. Generally more affordable than their metal counterparts, in many cases plastic is actually a better material choice than brass, copper or nickel items. We can provide the plastic washers you need in a timely, professional manner that allows you to meet your production deadlines, even if they're tight ones. If you need a dependable, experienced supplier who won't let you down, we're here to help.

Precision Engineering for Consistent Results

Whether you're manufacturing a number of different items which need to conform to the same specification, or are involved on a one-off, larger project that needs the same washer in a number of different locations, our rigorous quality control ensures we'll meet your exacting requirements. High grade, advanced machinery and a skillful team mean we produce batch after batch of top grade plastic washers, all conforming to your specific requests.

Plastic Washers Bring a Number of Benefits

Chemically inert, insulating, lightweight and surprisingly strong, plastic washers are a versatile choice that works well in a range of different applications. Advances in plastics technology mean that today's washers provide a highly effective, reliable engineering solution. Sustainability and sourcing issues mean that in some cases, plastic is replacing metal as the material of choice for environmentally responsible production.

The Benefits of Using Washers Made of Plastic Include the Following:

  •     Insulating
  •     Chemically Inert
  •     Strong
  •     Lightweight
  •     Versatile
  •     Reliable
  •     Sustainable
  •     Environmentally Responsible

Customized to Meet Your Individual Needs

As a specialist firm with a long track record of success behind us, we've acquired a good understanding of what our clients need. We offer a responsive service that's geared to meeting your deadlines and providing premium products which meet your project specification exactly and consistently. Our team is used to producing high volumes of plastic washers using a "just in time" logistics system that minimizes the storage you'll need for them. To find out more about our plastic washers, place an order or discuss your requirements with a member of our customer care team, please call us at 518-880-0200.