The Unique Purpose of Neoprene Washers

While many types of washers may have a distinctive purpose, the purpose of a neoprene washer is unique because it is a combination of rubber and steel. A washer can have many different jobs, one of them being to provide a bearing surface that’s flat. This is true for surfaces that are uneven. Ultimately washers keep fasteners from becoming embedded, and spread a load over an expansive surface area. Essentially they reduce breakage and strain. At JTD Stamping we provide many different sizes of neoprene washers that fit differing needs effectively. The neoprene washer is a steel washer bonded or coated with neoprene, a type of durable rubber that’s used for wet suites, elastomeric roofing membranes, and hoses. The plumbing industry uses this type of washer more often than not. They can also be formulated for use in the alternative energy industries and with certain types of electronics.

Create an Effective Seal with a Neoprene Washer

Our washers made from steel and neoprene can be used with polycarbonate panels placed on roofs and with windows as replacement glass. You will get an effective seal with this type of washer when used between panels, on angled corners, and around edges. They play an imperative role in distributing the load of fasteners that manage to keep panels together. Simply put, this type of washer is indispensible for many different types of applications. They are great when used as basic washers, but also provide a bearing surface that’s flat so a load is equally distributed to prevent embedment.

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