We Can Meet Your Needs with Our Brass Washers

Washers are used in many different industries. There are several types of washers that all provide a bearing surface for load distribution, or they are used as spacers between different types of components. When you choose to use brass washers they can provide you with effective corrosion resistance while also offering electrical and thermal conductivity since brass is nonmagnetic. At JTD Stamping we are a leading manufacturer of washers of many types. We can custom manufacture a brass flat washer to your exact standards.

Choose Our High Quality Washers

The type of washers you use will determine just how well your equipment will function. It may seem like any type of metal washer will do. However, not all washers are created equally. They all have a purpose and each type, including brass, does a specific job well. Brass itself is an alloy of zinc and copper. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in musical instruments since it has brilliant acoustic properties. They are also perfect for the plumbing and electrical industries because they have low-friction properties that make bearings and gears work more efficiently. Since brass has a low melting point it is easy to cast and quite malleable. We can form it into any washer shape you need and you can rely on it remain durable. It won’t crack or break over time. Our goal is to ensure you get top quality washers that work well for your specific requirements.